Top 10 benefits of doing exercise regularly

Most of the people think that doing exercise can only make them lose weight or gain muscle. but unfortunately, they are not aware of the amazing health benefits of doing exercise regularly.

The top benefits of doing exercise regularly are:

1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases

Whenever you do exercise in any form, it increases heart rate and helps to improve blood circulation in the body.

The increased blood flow improves oxygen levels in the body and reduces the risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, heart attack, and coronary artery disease.

2. Makes our skin look better

Skin needs the proper amount of nutrients to look good. Doing exercise can do this for your body.

Hence doing exercise improves blood flow in the body and the blood is a liquid that contains oxygen and many other nutrients and transports them across various body cells.

Getting proper nutrients from the blood leads to healthy and better skin.

3. Helps to control body weight

There is no doubt that exercise helps to lose weight. the simple rule of losing weight is to use or burn more calories than you eat.

Every physical activity needs some amount of calories from your body to be done. if you are eating fewer calories along with doing exercise. then you are going to lose weight for sure.

4. Improve mental health and mood

You might be thinking that how can it helps to improve mental health and mood.

Doing exercise releases some chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins in the body that help to relieve stress, depression, and make you feel happy.

The anti-depressants class of drugs also work by releasing some of these chemicals in our body to treat depression-like disorders.

5. Improve sexual health

Doing exercise regularly may reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction(ED), in men.

Engaging in physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular system(CVS), promotes blood circulation, and enhances flexibility, all of which can improve your sex life.

Exercise may increase sexual performance, sexual pleasure, and can also improve the frequency of sexual activity.

In women, Doing regular exercise may increase sexual arousal.

6. Improve sleep

Whenever you do exercise, it raises the body temperature that leads to having a better quality sleep.

There are some people that are suffering from insomnia(a sleeping disorder). Doing exercise may help to reduce stress, depression, and helps to have better sleep.

7. Helps to control blood sugar levels(Diabetes)

Diabetes is a major problem that most of the people are suffering from. it is mainly due to lack of physical activity, obesity, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Diabetes occurs when glucose levels in the blood increase than normal or your insulin may not be able to work properly.

Doing exercise may help to lower the blood glucose levels and help your insulin work better.

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, then doing exercise may help you to manage this disorder.

8. Strengthen bones and muscles

Exercise helps in building strong muscles and bones.

It helps to improve bone density at a young age, and also helps to prevent osteoporosis( a bone disorder) later in life.

Exercise like weight lifting helps to increase muscle building.

9. Improve energy levels

Doing exercise regularly may boosts energy levels in your body.

Regular physical activity makes you feel energetic throughout the whole day.

It increases energy levels in people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or other serious medical illnesses.

10. Help to quit smoking

Many studies have found that engaging in any kind of physical activity may reduce the urge to smoke.

It helps you to quit smoking by reducing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.


Doing regular exercise gives you a lot of physical and even mental benefits.

Including exercise in your routine would be a great choice for you. you should always choose the form of exercise that makes you feel happy while doing.

Some people like swimming while some people like cycling and some like to play sports like badminton, cricket, lawn tennis. you can add any type of physical activity to your daily schedule to get unbelievable health benefits from it.

Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)
Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)

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