Does smoking really kill?

According to WHO:

Smoking kills More than half of its users.
It kills more than 80 lakh people every year. More than 70 lakh deaths are the result of tobacco use and around 12 lakh are the result of being exposed to second-hand smoke.
Over 80% of the world’s 1.2 crore tobacco users have found to be live in low- and middle-income countries.

How smoking actually kills?

It can kill you in many ways.

It damages your heart, blood vessels, and CVS(Cardiovascular system),

it increases the risk of heart-related diseases and strokes.

It causes high blood pressure, lowers your ability to exercise, and makes your blood likely to clot.

You can also get some type of cancer from it.

Diseases that smoking cause

  • Lung cancer
  • COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Heart diseases
  • Stroke
  • Asthma

Why smokers around you are not dying?

Have you ever wonder sometimes that if smoking really kills, then why smokers that you personally know are not dying.

One of the studies has found that fewer than 10 percent of lifelong smokers will get lung cancer. In the game of risk, you can have a condom break easily than to get cancer from smoking.

So there are fewer chances of getting cancer from smoking but it can give you many more diseases than cancer. That kind of disease may not hurt you in the early stages but it will definitely damage your body after some time period.


If you are a regular smoker and think that doing smoke is not causing you any health problem, then you are probably wrong. Because whenever you smoke, it hurts your health in some way. but you can not see any health problems in the early stages. but after some time of regular smoking, you will notice some health problems and the cause of those problems would be smoking.

So it’s better to quit smoking as soon as you can. The pleasure you get from it is temporary, but in return, you will get permanent health problems that might be impossible to cure.

Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)
Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)

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