18 years old guy from Kolkata lost 37kg in just 10 Months

OccupationStudent, Youtuber
NameParthib Saha
Age18 Years
Height6 feet 6 inch
Highest weight measured119kgs
Transformation weight119-82kgs
Weight loss37kgs
Current weight92kgs
How much time it took me to lose weight10 months

The point when I decided to lose weight

Well, I was a fat guy since my childhood. I was a weak guy and had a lot of fat on my body. I was unhealthy to a whole another level, but when I was in class 10, I came across a girl and she ignored me, and then on my birthday, I was gifted by a weight machine by someone. This was enough for me to change myself.

Any special diet I follow:

Actually, I used to live in a hostel. For 10 months, I live in a hostel and was not on a proper diet at all during this period. At first, when I started, I had no knowledge of anything. I just left carbs and stop eating roti and rice at all and used to skip my breakfast. But when I returned home for the next 6 months I was on a proper diet and gained pretty much good knowledge, and since then I am following a caloric surplus diet and a high protein one.

What type of workout I did to lose weight?

First, I started with the free hand and a ton of cardio as I did not have basic strength in my body like I could not do a pushup and pull-up. Then I joined the gym and started with doing bro split. It was not the optimal way but still, I saw some changes, as a beginner faces newbie gains. Then I started doing full-body workouts for 4 days a week. Later, I followed a lot of plans from youtube, and then I found out that the best way was doing Push-Pull Leg workouts and since then I am following it now, and yeah I did cardio every day during those 10 months. 

Was it hard for me to lose weight?

No, it wasn’t hard. But let me explain, as I was intaking a lot lesser calories than I needed because the food in my hostel was not good. So I was always on a caloric deficit and I did work-out a lot. So I lost weight pretty fast. But I was becoming weaker instead of getting strong because my calorie intake was very less.

What is the most difficult part of being overweight?

Your confidence decreases a lot. when I was overweight, I was not at all confident about my body. I was always busy on my computer, playing games, eating junk all day, and never used to go outside even when there is any festival. I went out as my parents used to force me but I avoided any gatherings and used to go and sit in any of my friend’s houses. I was really shy to talk to girls and was an introvert. basically, I was living in my own world trying to get away from all this. People used to make a lot of fun like, whenever I went to a restaurant people were like “Don’t eat more you are already so much fat”. Friends used to call me by different names, and whenever I went shopping there were no pants available in my size and it was one of the most embarrassing things I faced.

How do I stay motivated towards my weight loss goal?

It is simple. when you are a beginner, you will need motivation. so I had a friend of mine who used to motivate me. when I started doing work-out, people used to laugh a lot. But I took all those as a motivation for me. I used to listen to youtube channels like Nicandro vision motivation, Makaveli Motivation and used to go to the gym listening to them and now I need no motivation, as when a person is disciplined he needs no motivation. Now it is a part of my life and if I don’t get to the gym a single day I feel something missing in my life. This gives me mental peace.

Lesson learned from weight loss

Nothing is permanent, it all depends on the mind. You need to have a strong mind before having a strong body. Consistency is everything. Stay positive.

Some other points to tell:

It took me 10 months to get 82kgs from 119kgs. Later, for the next six months, I kept going to the gym and gain 10kgs of weight. But this time, I did gain muscles instead of fat.

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Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)
Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)

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