How This Guy From Kuchaman City Manages to lost 34 Kgs

NameRohit Kumar
Age23 Years
Height5 feet 8 inch
CityKuchaman City
Highest weight measured110kgs
Transformation weight110-76kgs
Weight lost34Kgs
Current weight73kgs
How much time it took me to lose weight9 Months

The point when I decided to lose weight

It starts with body shaming. Everybody used to say me fatty and Ugly.

Then after So much Stress and Depression, I had decided that I have to lose weight, No matter how it costs.

Any special diet I follow:

In the starting month, I followed the Keto diet.

For the whole day, I used to eat egg whites, chicken breasts, Oats, and green veggies.

What type of workout I did to lose weight?

In starting, I used to play football.

After that, I have started doing running. Then after running, I used to go to the gym and start lifting weights to gain some muscles.

Was it hard for me to lose weight?

It was very hard in the starting days.

I always give up on starting. It was not that easy for me to control my diet and go hard for training.

I have just pushed myself forward and keep saying that you can do it. I can not be stopped because around me, everyone used to tease me that you can not do anything.

What is the most difficult part of being overweight?

When you are overweight, everything is difficult for you. Everybody calls you by different names and even though not everyone wants to be your friend.

Being overweight makes you become so lazy.

How do I stay motivated towards my weight loss goal?

Just see my journey and you will find your reason to stay motivated.

Stay positive and train your mind to achieve something, because if I can do then everyone can do it.

In starting, You have to push your mind in a positive direction. In our surroundings, there are so many reasons to be healthy, so start your journey with a positive mindset.

What lesson did I learn from weight loss? 

The lesson that I learned from my weight loss journey is that I am living my whole new life.

It is magic, You know everything is changed. Everyone wants to be your friend.

People ask about your diet, and about yourself.

Now I just eat healthy food, Always look forward to do something new in my exercises.

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Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)
Sahil Nasa (B. Pharma)

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