Is it good to be a pharmacist in India?

Who is a pharmacist?

A pharmacist is someone who knows all about drugs. He can do everything from manufacturing to direct selling of medicines.

If we notice other professions like doctors, nurses, accountants, architects, they have a specific work of their profession. But pharmacists have a lot of fields to work in their profession like dispensing, marketing, production, research, can teach, or even can start their own retail or wholesale shop.

Is it good to be a pharmacist?

Obviously yes, it’s nice to be a pharmacist. pharmacists can make life-saving preparations that everybody needs in their life span.

A doctor, that is the most respected person in society purely depends on the pharmacist. The doctor can only diagnose the patient, but the patient must need medicine to be cured.

In this profession, there is a lot of fields where pharmacists can work as per their choice.

What things a pharmacist can do with medicines?

The pharmacist is generally be known as the father of medicines. He can do a lot of things with medicines.

  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Dispensing
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Retailing
  • Wholesaling

Pharmacists just need a bunch of chemicals and he can make such magical life-saving preparations. The production of medicines can only be done by pharmacists.


When these medicines prepared and ready to be consumed. we need someone who can do marketing of these preparations.

The marketing of any product can only be done by someone who knows all about that product. In the case of medicine marketing, pharmacists know all about them.


Whenever a doctor diagnoses and generates a prescription. There is a pharmacist who reads that prescription and dispenses medicine to the patient. He tells the patient all the precautions and doses related to that prescription.


In pharmacy colleges or universities, we need someone who teaches students, a pharmacist must be needed to teach the students all about medicines.


Researching new and effective medicines is only done by pharmacists. As we all know about the pandemic COVID-19, everyone is hoping for the vaccine of the coronavirus. Pharmacists are researching day and night to produce the vaccine for this coronavirus. No one can make the vaccine except pharmacists.


In medical stores, we will find a pharmacist who is always there to help us. we can ask anything related to medicine to a pharmacist at the store without any hesitation.


Wholesaling of medicines is also done by pharmacists, No one can do better work in the wholesaling of medicines than a pharmacist.

Skills that a pharmacist must have:

There are some qualities that a pharmacist must have:

  • Accuracy: This is a profession where attention to detail is a matter of life and death. There should be no chance of any type of error in this profession.

  • Management skills: This is the skill that is required the most, In chain pharmacies, pharmacists require to manage Budgets, monitor inventory, keep accounting records. whether senior pharmacists are responsible to manage the junior staff.

  • Communication skills: communication is important for most of the profession. It is the duty of the pharmacist to communicate with patients, regarding the dose of administration, when to take and how to take the medicine. for that, a pharmacist must have excellent communication skills.

  • Interpersonal skills: Pharmacists must need interpersonal skills like diplomacy, patience, and a great sense of humor.

  • Computer skills: As we know that the world is moving towards E-pharmacies, so the pharmacists should have knowledge of the same. computers are also helpful for the storage of customer data, inventory counts, billings, etc, and this can be done if a pharmacist has computer knowledge.

  • Multitasking: Pharmacists are engaged in multitasks. In hospitals, along with the dispensing of medicines, pharmacists are also responsible for checking of expiry dates, billing of medicines, stock management, and many other things.

Drawbacks of being a pharmacist in India

In India, being a pharmacist is not that easy. Although pharmacists have a lot of fields to work in. but still, most of the pharmacists are not happy with their profession.

According to the PCI(pharmacy council of India), there is a strict rule that nobody can dispense medicines at a retail store or anywhere rather than a pharmacist. But nobody follows this rule here. we can find a lot of unprofessional who are dispensing medicines on their retail and wholesale stores very easily. they really do not require a pharmacist to do the job.

In many work fields, pharmacist’s jobs are being replaced by some other non-professional, and this is the major drawback of being a pharmacist these days.